We tried to hide a family from their Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner. But since the air conditioner can scan the room for body temperature using its i-see Sensor, it found all of the family members quickly and adjusted the temperature to keep them comfortable. The only question we have is, can you find everyone before the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner does?

It’s not too cold. It’s just right. The mother is hidden in some foliage. The air conditioner detects her body temperature and switches automatically to provide the perfect amount of coolness.
The airflow feels very nice, like a natural breeze. The father is hiding while doing a handstand, posed like a piece of art. A pleasant breeze blows past him.
We each have our own breeze. The brother disappears into a sofa, while his sister hides against the wall nearby. The air conditioner directs different air currents to each of them at the same time.
It's comfortable in every corner of the room. The grandmother hides at the far end of the living room, but she is still cool and comfortable. Her secret is the far-reaching airflow that softly cools her no matter where she is.

Be comfortable being you.

new concept model
Model equipped with the i-see Sensor, an original Mitsubishi Electric technology.

Our new air conditioners:

  • Detect people: Infrared sensors move left and right to scan the room and find where everyone is.
  • Measure temperature: The unit scans the room for body temperature and automatically determines where the air should or should not be directed.
  • Control airflow: Individual sets of flaps move separately, so air can be sent in two different directions at the same time.

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