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Visual Information Systems

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional video wall and printing systems. Our Video walls are relied upon 24/7 to keep millions of people safe, healthy, comfortable and productive. They are used in control rooms all over the world to help manage traffic flows, telecom networks, energy grids and critical public utilities. Right from day one, our printers are known for its quality and reliability. Year after year over the last two decades since pioneering the dye-sub printing technology, we have been making printers not only for professional photographers, but also for photo booth makers.

Product Line-up

Video Wall

LCD Monitors

Mitsubishi Electric's LCD Monitors are a great choice in less demanding applications, offering a high-quality yet cost-effective solution in applications such as small control rooms, meeting rooms, corporate display and signage.

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DLP™ Video Wall Systems

Mitsubishi Electric's large format video walls for control room, corporate and public display applications use the latest DLP™ technology to deliver amazing, high-visibility crystal-clear images.

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LCD Video Wall Systems

Mitsubishi Electric’s LCD Video Wall Solutions is a range of professional monitors designed for small to medium sized control rooms, crisis suites and corporate display applications requiring a compact, high quality display solution for continuous use.

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LED Video Wall Systems

The stunning performance of Mitsubishi Electric's direct view LED makes it the perfect choice for large scale control rooms or areas where high ambient light is a challenge. Designed and made in Japan to meet the highest standards demanded by command and control applications.

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LED Replacement Engines

The latest additions to its Seventy Series control room displays range are designed to enable existing customers to upgrade legacy mercury lamp-based video wall systems to the latest high-brightness LED technology.

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Mitsubishi Electric's versatile and reliable video wall processor system puts all data and video on the video wall just the way you want to see it.

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To get the best performance from your video wall you need software that gives you complete control over where, when and how your content is displayed.

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Large-Scale Visual Information Systems

Diamond Vision™

For over 30 years, Mitsubishi Electric LED Display Systems called "Diamond Vision™" solutions have been an integral part of the world's finest sporting and entertainment facilities and events.

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Digital Printing Kiosks

Self-service digital printing kiosks in counter-top or pedestal versions offering instant high-quality printing for customers and excellent profit potential for retailers.

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Industrial & Medical Printers

Mitsubishi Electric industrial printers have an excellent reputation for being reliable and simple to operate.

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Photo Printers

Mitsubishi Electric's photo printers deliver fast, trouble-free printing of beautiful richly textured photos every time. Ideal for professionals and camera enthusiasts who desire high-resolution quality, operation ease and reliability at an affordable price.

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