Intelligence in Automation

Intelligence in a connected world

As the world transitions to an all-electric economy and becomes ever more connected with the rise of IIoT and the use of cloud based big data, the challenges facing manufacturing, building control and process automation are becoming increasingly complex and require intelligent automation solutions.

Automation is a key driver in increasing productivity and efficiency. As an example, it’s helping the vertical farming sector to produce goods closer to market and in doing so tackle the growing concerns over climate impacts from global logistics. Understanding and reducing the total cost of production, from energy use to equipment failure, together with improving accuracy and cycle time is helping to drive up quality whilst optimising efficiencies and competitiveness.

At Mitsubishi Electric, our solutions combine automation with AI and analytics to deliver these manufacturing improvements.

The global transition to a more sustainable electric economy presents challenges in the way energy is produced, distributed and managed. With increasing trends towards micro-grids and energy efficiency, consumers are becoming producers (known as a prosumer), with buildings having to manage increasingly complex energy demands through monitoring, load balancing and dispatch management. At Mitsubishi Electric we have the technology to collect, visualise and analyse real time data from the building space to the cloud, with our ICONICS Suite software underpinning our automation hardware platforms.

Optimising end-to-end production processes is critically important to increasing efficiencies and enabling the workforce to upskill and meet the needs of an ever-changing labour market. The traditional production line is now evolving and finding use in new and exciting markets such as battery cell production or delivering innovation into more traditional markets such as Food & Beverage manufacturing, where much of these processes are delivered using tried and tested technologies within the Mitsubishi Electric portfolio.