OEM Developer's Kit


The information within this Resource Centre is intended to compliment the OEM Developer's Kit. It contains start up documents for the PLC, HMI and programming tools, it also has some documents targeted at the components within the Developers Kit, such as PLC and HMI example projects and some walk through guides.

The aim is to make the products easy to use and bring together information that can sometimes be difficult to find, unless you know where to look.

The information will be stored centrally within this Resource Centre thus enabling it to be kept up to date and any new material readily added, so please do keep coming back and if you would like anything added or updated please do let us know and we will review the request.

Start Up Documents

Information to help you begin your journey with the OEM Developer's kit, Concept overview, Product overviews and Start-up Projects:

- OEM Developers Kit Introduction
- OEM Developers HMI Sample
- OEM Developers PLC Sample
- OEM Developers Sample HMI
- OEM Developers PLC Sample
- GX Simulation
- OEM Developers FX5U PC Connection
- E-Manual concept Introduction Video
- e-Manual Quick Information Searching
- iQ-F Introduction Video
- GOT Simple HMI Introduction Video
- iQ Works2 Let's start
- iQ Works2 Introduction Video
- FX5 CPU Hardware Manual
- FX5 User's Manual
- FX5 Programming Manual
- GOT2000 Quick Start Guide
- GOT Simple Installation Manual
- GOT Simple Manual
- FX5ucpu Firmware
- UK Training Prospectus
- Useful web pages

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Product Catalogues for the equipment supplied with the Developers Kit and some more common expansion options:

- GOT Simple Series Catalogue
- GOT2000 /GOT Simple Catalogue
- iQ-F Catalogue
- iQ-F Safety Catalogue
- FX5UC Spring Clamp Brochure
- FX5UC Relay Spring Clamp Brochure
- iQ-F Simple Motion Brochure

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Here are a selection of datasheets that will assist you in your journey to developing your machine:

- Function Block quick start guide
- Quick connection guide Freqrol A800/F800/E880 CC-Link IE Field Basic
- Quick connection guide Freqrol D700 Serial Communication
- iQ-F Safety Extension Module Quick Start Guide

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These courses are designed to give newcomers to automation a general background in the fundamentals and an overview of the relevant products in a short period of time:

- FA Equipment for Beginners HMIs
- FA Equipment for Beginners PLCs
- MELSEC-iQ-F_Basics
- GX_Works3_Ladder
- PLC Programing Basic (ST)
- PLC Programing Basic (Ladder)
- Efficient Programming
- GOT_Basics_GT16
- FA Equipment for Beginners HMIs
- FA Equipment for Beginners PLCs
- PLC System Maintenance
- e-learning Main site

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Example Projects

To help get you started we have put together a number of example projects for you to look at and even implement on your machine, these include:

- Cam controller
- Cognex Vision AS200 Sample
- e-F@ctory Starter Package
- GS Sample Ethernet V1_20
- IAI Robo cylinder
- Inverter CC-Link Field Basic Communications
- PID Control by GOT
- PLC communication using slmp communication library
- Power Distribution Measuring
- Predefined protocol sample modbus tcp
- Servo Control
- Statistical Analysis
- Web browser

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Here you will find some useful training guides:

- GOT 2000 Basic training textbook
- GOT 2000 Advanced training textbook
- iQ-F Series Basic Course (for GX Works3)
- iQ-F Series Basic Course (for GX Works3) support code

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Startup Videos

Here you will find access to an extensive video library:

- iQ-F_counter01_en.mp4
- iQ-F_counter02_en.mp4
- iQ-F_counter03_en.mp4
- iQ-F_counter04_en.mp4

- iQ-F_Firmware Update 01_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Firmware Update 02_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Firmware Update 03_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Firmware Update 04_en.mp4

- iQ-F_Parameters01_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Parameters02_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Parameters03_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Parameters04_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Parameters05_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Parameters06_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Parameters07_en.mp4

- iQ-F_Data Logging01_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Data Logging02_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Data Logging03_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Data Logging04_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Data Logging05_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Data Logging06_en.mp4
- iQ-F_Data Logging07_en.mp4

- iQ-F_SimplePLC Communication CPU01_en.mp4
- iQ-F_SimplePLC Communication CPU02_en.mp4
- iQ-F_SimplePLC Communication CPU03_en.mp4
- iQ-F_SimplePLC Communication CPU04_en.mp4
- iQ-F_SimplePLC Communication CPU05_en.mp4
- iQ-F_SimplePLC Communication CPU06_en.mp4

- iQ-F_WebServer01_en.mp4
- iQ-F_WebServer02_en.mp4
- iQ-F_WebServer03_en.mp4

- iQWorks_Navigator_EN_01.webm
- iQWorks_Navigator_EN_02.webm
- iQWorks_Navigator_EN_03.webm
- iQWorks_Navigator_EN_04.webm
- iQWorks_Navigator_EN_05.webm
- iQWorks_Navigator_EN_06.webm
- iQWorks_Navigator_EN_07.webm
- iQWorks_Navigator_EN_08.webm

- GX Works3.zip