MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
United Kingdom
The MELSEC-Q Series offers a wide range of CPU's to meet your factory control needs whilst improving your production efficiency. Powerful CPU solutions for PLC, Process, Redundant systems, Motion, C-Language control, Robotics, NC control and embedded personal computer control
An extensive lineup of CPUs for both small and large applications.
This CPU enables detailed instrument control, and is compatible with simple control as well as complex loop control.
This CPU increases the system’s reliability by offering a parallel standby system consisting of the CPU module, power supply module, main base unit and network module.
This VX-Works based CPU enables users to program in C-language; allowing utilization of any existing program assets prepared for conventional microcomputer boards and personal computers, etc.,
This motion controller realizes high-speed control of up to 32 axes with one CPU with the same size as the Q series PLC CPU. In addition, up to three CPU modules and 96 axes can be controlled with the multiple CPU system.
This PC CPU brings flexibility for users to add local computer based solutions directly in to their control concept.