MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
United Kingdom
Brake resistors, filters, chokes etc.

EM-A series motors

EM-A Series include newly developed permanent magnet motors using the patented salient-pole core. The rotor consists of the salient-pole core and surface-mounted permanent magnet, and therefore the motor inductance changes depending on the rotational position.


Noise filter for compliance with EMC directives. Output filter for du/dt reduction and sinusoidal filter for sine wave output voltage. Passive harmonic filter to reduce mains pollution.

Internal Options

The internal options comprise input and output extensions as well as communications options supporting the operation of the inverter within a network or connected to a personal computer or PLC.

External Options

In addition to the parameter unit that enables interactive operation of the frequency inverter the available external options also include additional adapters, modules and intercompatibility attachments.


The mains supply chokes compensate voltage fluctuations and simultaneously increase the efficiency. Applying the appropriate power choke an overall efficiency of up to 90% can be achieved. The use of a power choke is especially recommended for main circuits where high capacities are switched, for example via thyristors.

Brake Options

For an improvement of the brake capacity. For high inertia loads and active loads. Used in combination with a resistor unit.


Cables for a remote connection of a parameter unit and communication cable for RS232 or RS485 interface to connect an external personal computer.

Other Options