Emulation and simulation software to reduce commissioning time and costs for Mitsubishi controllers and other devices

Control system testing can be complicated and costly for many reasons and often controls testing cannot begin until the system is physically complete and installed. Replacing real hardware with Emulate3D equipment, from e-F@ctory partner Emulate3D Ltd, helps users to identify and focus on issues with the control system. As offline controls testing can be carried out early in the project cycle, Emulate3D even provides the possibility of making layout or operational changes to improve the system without disrupting production.

Models can be generated from data read from CAD files, flat files or databases, automating the creation process and eliminating build errors at a stroke. Proposed control system changes to existing systems can be reliably tested while the system continues to produce in its current configuration. By using power consumption meters, you can even minimise your system’s carbon footprint.

Real time testing of all control applications

With its MX Components software Mitsubishi Electric offers interfaces to connect Mitsubishi hardware with the program of a machine and its simulation. Emulate3D supports all functions of MX Components and adds a dynamic dimension to controls testing with a test environment indistinguishable from reality from the control system perspective, providing users with even more added value.

Emulate3D equipment layout models are designed to look and work just like the real systems they represent, providing a valid test bed for the control system. This is the perfect emulation and simulation solution for Mitsubishi Electric’s range of controllers, robots and inverters.

Who benefits?

Emulate3D Controls Testing allows integrators to create, verify, and validate control systems reliably, and off line. The result is more thoroughly tested and robust control systems, delivered on time, and to the clients’ specification. For the integrator this means lower implementation and support costs, and for the end user it means on time production starts, better ramps to full production, and less disruption during system lifetimes.

Reduce the investment risk associated with your automation project by using Emulate3D Controls Testing to cut commissioning time and costs.