Metal recycling: challenges and new opportunities

The challenges facing us

Exploding energy costs in metal recycling

Energy costs in metal recycling have risen dramatically in recent years.
This increase not only places a considerable burden on the operating costs of recycling companies, but also poses a serious challenge to the profitability of the industry.
Shredders in metal recycling in particular often have high peak loads during operation and consume a lot of energy during operation.
Effective solutions to save energy and reduce costs are therefore urgently needed to ensure the sustainable future of recycling.

Demanding recycling conditions reduce system availability

The recycling market is not a squeamish place. The technology used must be able to withstand extreme conditions such as temperature fluctuations, strong winds, moisture and dirt.
Robustness, reliability and durability of the recycling systems are indispensable characteristics that are required in this demanding industry.

Increasing performance requirements for recycling systems

Continuous technological progress is leading to an increase in the performance requirements for the efficiency of recycling plants in order to survive in a competitive environment.
The focus here is on optimal energy management, which takes various key factors into account. These include flexible plant operation, effective peak load management and the integration of energy recovery systems.

In order to meet and successfully master the constant challenges and new requirements, Mitsubishi has developed several solutions that can further revolutionize the recycling process. Special attention is paid to solutions for drive technology in various areas of the recycling process.
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