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Mitsubishi Electric industrial computer MELIPC Series offers new values for Edge computing, IT system coordination, and device control with its robust features and flexibility utilizing general purpose applications.
With their reliable, proven performance and future-proof expandability the MELSEC series allow a wide range of control applications.
An extensive lineup of drive products support different applications. Find your solution with Mitsubishi drive systems.
Learn more about the wide range of user-friendly Mitsubishi GOTs with its extensive library functions.
Now compatible with more FA products, Mitsubishi Electric robots supports various intelligent applications in high-tech fields.
Mitsubishi offers a full range of low-voltage switchgears and compact, safe and easy-to-use motor starters.
The reliable power management, monitoring and control equipment has many energy-saving functions..
Reliable, secure, and comprehensive protection for all electrical assets.
Precise machining produced by highly accurate mechatronics products greatly improves the productivity and quality.
The Mitsubishi Electric - Line Scan Bar is a CMOS-based sensor for optical image capture.
Powerful integrated programming tools

Press Releases and News

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  • 03.11.2022
    Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions under the spotlight at Robotics and Automation 2022
    Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit its comprehensive range of robots on stand 220 at Robotics and Automation, from 1st-2nd November 2022 in Coventry. During the event, visitors can learn more about how the different solutions address a variety of operational requirements and help to improve productivity.
  • 01.11.2022
    Intelligence in Manufacturing
    Energy Saving now for long-term gains.

    The current crisis in the cost of energy is likely to last for some time to come and so everyone’s attention is on how to become more efficient and reduce energy usage. The current crisis is caused by the rising global price of gas which has imprecations for heating our homes and places of work along with electricity production which is reliant in part on gas as a fuel. Of course, as more wind and solar generation is added to the mix, the nation grid will over time be less reliant on global gas prices. Energy savings, both at home and in industry, is of course a long-term goal that will contribute significantly to fixing the climate crisis.
  • 25.10.2022
    We all need more manufacturing performance data but can we afford it?
    Most manufacturing plants have come to realise that to become more agile and follow a smart manufacturing methodology, capturing data from the plant assets and making sense of it is essential, “if you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what’s going wrong,” as a wise man once said.

    The perception is that deploying a data capture layer above the plant assets is going to be very expensive, actually, that is not necessarily the case and I’ll explain why.
  • 19.10.2022
    Speeding up automation system installation times
    Mitsubishi Electric has announced the release of its latest Technology Discussion Guide examining the cable connection technology options available for industrial automation components. ‘Push-in terminal block technology’ comes at a crucial time for businesses in a variety of sectors, exploring efficiency gains for one of the pieces of equipment that is widespread across shop floors, as the drive towards smart factories builds pace.
  • 21.09.2022
    Wind(ings) of change…
    Electrifying innovation in motor manufacturing with Mitsubishi Electric’s robot solutions.

    Integrating Mitsubishi Electric’s robotic solutions, Horizon Instruments and the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), part of the University of Warwick, have created the first automated solution which combines two key operations in rotor assembly.


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