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Can your business afford not to maintain your industrial robots?

Safeguard Machine Availability, Performance and Profitability​.

Efficient machine performance and sustained product quality can only happen if your equipment is correctly maintained by fully qualified technicians.​

Proactively detect machine issues and maximise equipment life by choosing Mitsubishi Electric Robot Maintenance Solutions.​

Mitsubishi Electric can help improve machine reliability and reduce costly unplanned downtime by
providing maintenance services tailored to suit your automation assets.

​Our Robot Maintenance Services include Planned Maintenance activities, and Reactive Support in the event of a breakdown situation, all of which can be offered as annual or multi-year support contracts​.

Providing Intelligence in Added Value Services.

The periodic maintenance plan consists of maintenance and inspection activities with a schedule based on hours of operation;

  • Check servo history, error history
  • Evaluation of preventive maintenance service interval
  • Inspect robot for grease leaks
  • Lubrication of all robot axes (as required)
  • Inspection & adjustment of belt tension (as required)
  • Replacement of robot arm & controller batteries
  • Inspect each axis for backlash / free play / rough movement / noise
  • Replacement of air filter on robot controller

The Robot Overhaul is a longer term maintenance activity which is performed in the workshop after approximately 24,000 hours of the robot’s operation.

The actions performed are the same as periodic maintenance with the addition of;​​

  • Timing Belt replacement
  • Re-greasing of arm joints
  • Re-greasing of base joint

Mitsubishi Electric can respond to your requirements in the way that suits you best;

  • Support Centre
  • Telephone Helpdesk
  • Engineer Callout

Collaborative Robot - MELFA ASSISTA

Realizes work in the same space as the worker with a safety function.


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