MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
United Kingdom

Glossary of Terms

Lubrication of all robot axes:Correct Lubrication helps to prevent potential component failure leading to unplanned downtime​
Adjustment of belt tension:Belt re-tensioning ensures the robot is operating at its optimum performance​
Belt Replacement (Overhaul):Regular replacement keeps your robot operating accurately ​
Inspect each axis for backlash / free play / rough movement / noise:Detailed inspection can detect potential component weakness​
Replacement of air filter on Robot Controller: Ensures proper ventilation & cooling​
Inspect robot for grease leaks:An indication that there may be a problem with a particular robot joint​
Evaluation of preventive maintenance service interval:Verifies usage of the robot to ensure that proper maintenance is being performed based on time
Check Servo History, Error History: To check for any indication of unusual or repeated events or errors​