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The Consumer Packaged Goods market (CPG) is a highly competitive, fast-paced and lower margin industry that counts on efficient operations for its profitability and competitive differentiation. This industry is constantly facing new challenges like shifting brands, market segmentation, niche products, green packaging, customizable product delivery and globalization. Depending upon the types of products manufactured and the regions in which they are produced and sold, every industry has its own unique challenges ranging from varying global economic conditions, fluctuating supply and demand, growing competition and cost structures.

The Food & Beverage (F&B) manufacturing industry covers the production and sales of F&B products and includes a spectrum of activities like farming, packaging, distribution, marketing and retail. Business challenges faced by the sector include waste reduction across the entire supply chain including manufacturing, product genealogy and traceability, reduction in carbon footprint and more efficient use of energy throughout supply chain processes. In conjunction with this the industry faces increased government legislation and guidelines against which they must show due diligence.

Mitsubishi Electric has built a strong understanding of these needs which has led to us being the number one automation vendor to Food, Beverage and CPG businesses throughout Asia. Our reputation for quality, reliability and innovation supports our customers in one of the most intensely competitive regions in the world market. Our solutions perfectly fit to the needs of these industries. Solutions consisting of Mitsubishi's product portfolio (including robots, servo motion technology, modular PLC, inverters and HMIs) and developed in collaboration with our e-F@ctory partners are responding to the demands of the Food & Beverage and CPG markets.

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