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Truly Industrial Collaborative Robot

  • Industrial grade design
  • Standard robot's lifetime
  • Certified by TUV
  • Compatible with standard industrial equipment
  • Easy to program

Meet the Mitsubishi Electric Cobot

Industrial design

The Assista is based on our 40-years of experience in the design of industrial robots.
The options available for the arm are common with the standard industrial robots, giving a wide range of networking opportunities and offering solutions such as integrated cabling and valves.
The design and construction is based around our industrial arms offering a high rigidity and repeatable construction. This maintains the high quality of your production opening up opportunities for process that that require high precision. The service intervals are extended and we have a 10-year design life, we also offer enhanced by preventive and predictive maintenance information based on our unique AI technology.

The Assista has been designed to comply with ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS 15066 and has been conformance tested by TÜV SÜD. Speed, position and force are safely limited and monitored. Maximum forces generated by the arm are within ranges defined by ISO/TS 15066. All of that without additional force or torque sensors – thanks to our next-gen J5 servomotors.
Safety devices such as area scanners or light curtains can be connected to detect if a human is around and operate at higher speeds or not collaborative speed.

Assista is powered by compact CR800 controller - the same that is used for all other Mitsubishi Electric’s robots. There is no difference in wiring, operation and programming. Mix collaborative and standard robots, use full-spectrum of included features, easily integrate with Mitsubishi Electric’s PLC, HMI, ervomotor, CNC and utilise a variety of industrial networks, like CC-Link IE Field, Profinet, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT.

For simple tasks, we’ve designed an intuitive, touch-enabled, graphical programming tool – RT VisualBox. Build your programs with simple blocks, without programming knowledge. Utilise a step-by-step graphical wizard for setting all necessary parameters. For more complex tasks, you can program Assista using RT ToolBox3 – exactly the same way like our other robots.
Hand guiding

Simply grasp the arm and move it to the desired position. Then press the single button on the teaching panel on the arm. That’s all! The position is added to the robot program.
Build-in functionalities

Collaborative grippers can be quickly and easily attached with built in macros. Connect 2D or 3D vision systems to enhance your application. Utilise conveyor tracking function to pick objects in motion. All of that as standard, build-in functionalities of Assista.

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