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We Know... Vertical industry session - Food & Beverage

Can the Food & Beverage industry become even smarter?

The Food & Beverage industry has been automating production facilities for many years but is the industry ready to make the next step towards digitalisation and smart manufacturing?

Mitsubishi Electric will explore the requirements of the Courtauld Commitment and WRAP and how this is driving the further adoption of automation and the journey towards smart manufacturing.

See how the road to digitalisation can be scaled to suit any size of enterprise and understand the benefits this can bring to operational efficiency and the reduction of waste within the production process.

We Know... e-F@ctory for OEMs

What is e-F@ctory, how does e-F@ctory help OEMs integrate multiple manufacturers’ products into a single machine and the value that comes when different manufacturers’ work together on bringing out the strengths of their technology. e-F@ctory can save time and lower risk when integrating a machine solution due to the foundations being developed through the partnerships.

Flowing Towards 2050: The UK Water Innovation Strategy

The 19 regulated water companies in the UK are in the process of collaborating and defining an innovation strategy that is designed to transform the UK water sector by 2050. The strategy is based upon seven key themes. In this webinar, Mitsubishi Electric discuss the strategy and how their industrial automation technologies and solutions are aligned specifically with the two themes covering the delivery of resilient infrastructure systems and achieving carbon net zero.

We Know... Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

Industry 4.0 has moved beyond the novelty stage and has become a strategic focus for many companies. While IIoT offers an effective technology platform for Industry 4.0 applications, its foundation is a suitable network with the necessary level of determinism to share all data generated by a process. This transparency depends on convergence, i.e. the ability to combine multiple types of traffic on a single network, which in turn depends on determinism.

The technology that automation is moving towards to address this need for convergence is Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN).

Find out what we know and why we believe TSN should be part of your company's strategy today.

MR-J5 Servo technology

The MR-J5 series servos are the next evolution in servo technology. To find out What We Know join us as we will explore our latest range of servo products and how they have been designed to help you maximise your performance and increase your flexibility when it comes to machine design.

Smart Infrastructure Solutions

The acquisition of ICONICS Inc. by Mitsubishi Electric brings together two key players in the automation sector where the synergy between their portfolio allows for the creation of some very exciting solutions for applications such as situational awareness for utility companies, energy demand side management in both the commercial and manufacturing space and smart building management. David Bean from Mitsubishi Electric and Chris Bromley from ICONICS UK discuss several of these solutions and the strength of their combined offering.

Introducing the Drive Solutions Centre

The Drive Solutions Centre is a regional centre of excellence which combines global industry leader Mitsubishi Electric and a network of Drive Solutions Centre partners who have been specifically chosen based on their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Join us to see how the Drive Solutions Centre can benefit your business through market leading technology and regional knowledge and speed of response. Weather you simply want to replace obsolete equipment or install the latest innovation, reduce your carbon footprint, increase production or look to reduce down time by adopting predictive maintenance strategies, our team of experts can deliver the solution you need.

The NEW FR-E800 product launch

The Mitsubishi Electric FR-E800 series of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are set to revolutionise how VSDs are utilised in manufacturing applications.

During the session, we will be exploring how the FR-E800, which is built on Mitsubishis Electrics proven variable speed drive technology, now incorporates AI technology and real time connections allowing improved diagnostic functionality for both the VSD and the application making it the natural successor to the FR-E700 series.

MELFA Assista industrial collaborative robot introduction

The new MELFA Assista industrial collaborative robot and its new graphical programming environment, RT Visualbox is the latest edition to the market leading range of Mitsubishi Electric industrial robotic range of products.

We have built on our experience with industrial robots to develop a Cobot range that addresses the real world challenges of different applications and sectors. We recognises that simple control and ease of programming must be taken as a given, but without affecting precision.

During the webinar, we will cover what makes the Assista different from other Cobots currently available on the market, an overview of our Industrial robot arm solutions and how these can be integrate with partner products.

G5-5 Advanced

Are you aware that G5-5 is a site standard and not a product standard?

Join us and Calvin Allen from PQM as we take an in-depth look at the new standard G5-5, what makes it different from G5-4 and how it affects new / existing installations.

Enhanced HMI Features

Today’s modern HMI’s are more capable then ever providing a host of functions that include Security, Diagnostics, Data logging and Remote access. Many of these functions would have historically been performed by a Scada systems, of course this isn’t to say that Scada no longer has its place.

Who knows about the new G5-5 harmonic legislation?

Join us as we look at the new standard, how it differs from G5-4 and how it affects new / existing installations.

Are you aware that G5-5 is a site standard and not a product standard? and as little as 30Kw of none linear load could make your entire site none compliant.

Not only will be covering the standard itself, but what services and products we can offer to make your site compliant.

Smart Grids

As renewable energy sources become a far more important part of the energy supply mix and energy storage solutions are developed, new technologies need to be used to balance the distribution grid to ensure optimal continuous supply against demand. These solutions have become known as “Smart Grids”.

Mitsubishi Electric explore the development of smart grid solutions and the role they play in delivering sustainable power and the development of the “Internet of Energy”.

Helping Manufacturing Back to Production

Moving forward manufacturing may face some challenges returning to full production.

Mitsubishi Electric will discuss how undertaking planned maintenance programs and utilising contracted services can help this process.

We will explore added value services such as; cyber security and harmonic surveys, legacy equipment obsolescence reports, tiered service contracts, all within a multi-vendor equipment environment and solutions for legacy product migration and preventative maintenance.

Extended functionality of the modern variable speed drive

Long gone are the days of a variable speed drive merely controlling the speed of an AC motor,
the modern variable speed drive is an integral part of the overall control philosophy of many systems.

Join us as we explore the inbuilt functionality that allows us to get the most from the application and extend the functionality to include advanced inbuilt diagnostic and preventative maintenance functions.

Compact Control and Safety for OEM Machines

Modern machine control requires seamless integration of many functions including logic, motion , visualisation and all importantly the safety aspects of the machine.

This webinar explores the possibilities available with today’s technologies enabling OEMs to produce cost effective yet sophisticated solutions for their future control systems.

Smart Manufacturing for SMEs and Existing Plant

It is clear that the road to digital manufacturing offers so many productivity and efficiency benefits, so how can Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)or existing established manufacturing plants get established on this path?

Mitsubishi Electric will take an holistic view of the complete process, show how it is possible, with a clear vision of success, to implement this journey in smaller manageable steps, honing in on the needs and aspirations of the manufacturer and producing a staged approach which delivers return on investment along the way.

The road to digitalisation can start with small steps!

Predictive Maintenance: The “low hanging fruit” of the industrial digitalisation process

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance have become key deliverables of the digitalisation process in industrial automation and control.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with the ability to collect large quantities of data from disparate and remote plant assets means that generation of analytics around predictive maintenance has become much easier to achieve.

Mitsubishi Electric will discuss the growth in capability of predictive maintenance solutions that deliver real value to the asset owner, drawing on their wealth of expertise and automation offerings in this area.

Collaborative or Co-operative Robotics?

The use of collaborative and co-operative robotic solutions that work together with humans, to enhance and facilitate output, are gaining momentum in the manufacturing space.

However, the two approaches are very different and so how do you choose the right solution for your process and where does this leave traditional industrial robots?

Mitsubishi Electric will take you through these different approaches and discuss the key advantages and use cases for all three solutions.

Edge Computing Technologies

The rise of Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming the driving force among asset owners striving for improved quality , productivity and bottom line savings.

The ability to create derived knowledge of the process and use AI to predict an outcome in real time offers OT managers incredible insight into the processes they have under their control.

Mitsubishi Electric would like to share our insights into the technologies that are enabling businesses around the world to move to the next chapter in their journey towards digitalisation.

Cyber Security and Operational Technology (OT)

The move towards digitalisation and reliance on data driven decisions coupled with an increase in cyber related crime means that Cyber Security has become extremely important in our emerging digital world.

Mitsubishi Electric explores how this impacts the OT sector around industrial automation and control systems in terms of the standards and best practises for the key stake holders including asset owners, systems integrators and product suppliers.

We Know... Lithium-Ion Battery Sector Development

The current growth of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market is underpinned by the need for a similar growth in Lithium Ion battery (LiB) production and therefore we see the establishment of more and more “gigafactories” that produce them across the globe. Mitsubishi Electric, in conjunction with our guest speaker, Paul Butler from the North East Automotive Alliance, will explore the developments in the market and also the solutions in Mitsubishi Electric’s automation portfolio that can be applied in this space.

WeKnow... Smart Energy & Net Zero


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