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Helping you improve performance and reduce the cost of manufacturing

As part of your lean, continuous improvement or short interval control initiatives, you will immediately see the benefits created by implementing a Mitsubishi Electric asset performance solution in helping you understand availability, throughput and waste in your plant. We can help you unlock your ‘hidden factory’.

The performance of manufacturing assets can be derived from the measure of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) which is based on the relationship between the availability of a manufacturing asset, the throughput of product through the asset and the amount of product waste created by the asset.

The manufacturing intelligence dashboards, as part of our asset performance solution, enable you to display OEE related data from your manufacturing assets so you spot a problem quickly and react to process issues in real time as they occur. Our solutions can be deployed across many different automation vendors’ hardware which might be part of your control infrastructure.

How asset performance helps you


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Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level (SMKL)

A framework that enables management to make decisions on investments; SMKL.

SMKL is an evaluation index of the level of data utilization in factories. It can help management to make investment decisions by showing the purpose, impact and relationship of each investment step towards making your factory smarter.



High performance motion controllers for the iQ Platform.
RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 communication modules. FX3 series CC-Link master modules can also be connected.
GT SoftGOT is a HMI software that allows GOT functions to be performed on a personal computer or panel computer.
Next Generation in HMI/SCADA Automation Software