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Innovative solution to add Ethernet capability to third party PLCs, can be used in conjunction with Mitsubishi's MES IT technology to gain greater connectivity.

INTERFACE LINK for MELSEC iQ-R++: Import data into your MES the easy way

More flexibility – Less cost

The IoT Gateway is a module of the MELSEC iQ-R PLC series. This industrial hardware can access data from various automation devices and make them available to the enterprise world

Quick and easy

The configuration is carried out via an intuitive web interface or Windows software (free of charge). The IoT Gateway uses the pre-installed software of our e-F@ctory partner IBHsoftec

Flexible solution

Secure remote access can be realised via integrated TeamViewer functions. No PC is required in the plant, only a TeamViewer IoT licence.

Simple configuration

The IBHNet driver enables you to gain direct variable access via standard programming languages like Visual Basic or Delphi. The configuration of the adaptor is very easy and normally done in a few minutes.

Programming and supported languages

Besides the programming capabilities, an application programming interface for HMI applications is also included.

IoT Gateway Specifications

  • OPC UA server for easy connection to MES and ERP systems
  • OPC UA Client for horizontal machine-to-machine-communication with other OPC UA servers
  • 2 Ethernet ports with firewall for physical and secure separation between process and
  • Scalable security levels, exchange of digital certificates
  • Administration via web browser or Windows software
  • Historical data according to OPC UA specification on SD card
  • Other popular Networks and Modbus connections (Ethernet)
  • MQTT connection
  • Secure Microsoft Azure IoT Hub connectivity
  • Support of Mitsubishi Electric controllers MELSEC iQ-R, iQ-F, QnA
    and L series, MELFA robots, Mitsubishi Electric inverters and CNC
  • Remote maintenance with TeamViewer IoT (requires extra license)


iQ platform variables can be integrated directly and are available as OPC UA variables.
The robots support the OPC UA companion specification for robots

Description: PLC iQ-R OPC UA Server/Client, MQTT, Modbus, TeamViewer

Name: IoT Gateway

Order Code: 605529

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