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Attending my old school’s Career Fair - what surprised me the most…

22.05.20232 min read

On Thursday 20th April, I attended John Henry Newman school for their Job Fair evening. A fantastic event where students and parents from years 10 to 13 browsed many companies of a variety of industries.

Over the evening, I spoke with to more than 120 students and parents on my experience from school to my current position at Mitsubishi Electric.

Our stand received huge interest in understanding the day-to-day life at Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Division, which resulted in approximately half the student's requesting information on work experience, internships, and graduate schemes.

It was a wonderful evening where students were able to speak to industry professionals but also for me to gain an understanding on how internships are seemingly more desirable now to universities.

A huge positive and such diversity. What surprised me the most was the number of females (60% of discussions) looking to get into engineering who are taking computer science/design and technology at A Levels. Three years ago, when I attended a similar event, approximately 10% of interest was from females which shows how the industry is appealing much more to a wider range of people.

There's plenty we as a company can take away and learn from these events in sparking the interest of students and in turn, I believe, help grow our business at Mitsubishi Electric.

By Patrick Dion-Fehily, Digital Specialist at Mitsubishi Electric