MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
United Kingdom

Main objectives

The course provides an understanding of the capability and performance of CC-Link, Profibus, and Ethernet open networks and how to apply them to real world applications. Programming, fault-finding and diagnostics are included in the course.


Attendees need to have previous experience with either Mitsubishi or other manufacturers’ PLC products. An understanding of basic PLCs and how they can be networked is necessary.

Products used

This course uses dedicated PLC training rigs fitted with the appropriate networking modules plus software configuration tools for each network type.


1 Day


  • Introduction to each network type
  • Principles and details of each network type
  • Configuration details of each network
  • Connectivity
  • How to set up each type of network
  • Practical connection exercises for each network type
  • Fault finding and diagnostics

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