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Looking to increase reliability and performance at your plant?

Smart asset monitoring solutions offer a rock-solid approach to optimised maintenance and productivity

The aggregates industry is characterised by harsh operating conditions and the need to avoid downtime at all costs. keeping critical plant assets running and available when required is fundamental to a plant operating at optimum efficiency and achieving required production levels.

By implementing solutions that increase uptime and visibility of the status of critical plant assets it is possible to optimise the reliability of the plant as a whole.


Fact. Relying on reactive maintenance costs money and time.

The aggregates production process consists of plant assets such as conveyors, crushers, pumps and fans. Losing any of these assets can have a catastrophic effect on plant production and therefore regular maintenance of these assets is essential. Asset performance has two parameters to consider which are asset utilisation and asset availability. In simple terms, availability is the ratio of the actual asset run time compared to the planned run time for that asset. Utilisation is the proportion of time the asset is used, which is an indicator of how production runs are planned.

Assets need to be available to run when you need them so there is a need to utilise your assets to maximise efficiency and manage our energy costs.

Traditionally, across many production facilities, preventative maintenance regimes have been deployed, which involve scheduled periodic shutdowns to carry out plant maintenance. Essentially this strategy is ok as it has a positive effect on availability as regular maintenance is carried out. However, it has a negative effect on utilisation as the whole or part of the plant is shutdown regardless of whether all the assets need maintenance or not.


The adoption of robust technologies with advanced diagnostics, providing predictive maintenance functions can positively effect both asset availability and utilisation, which in turn improves plant performance and efficiency.

Predictive maintenance is the digital, intelligent approach to maintenance as it uses analytics based on diagnostic data from each asset to predict when assets require maintenance or indeed are about to fail. Armed with this knowledge asset maintenance can be planned around production schedules to optimise both availability and utilisation and avoid unnecessary maintenance shutdowns.

Plant level automation control devices such as PLCs, variable speed drives (VSDs) and human machine interfaces (HMIs) come with a host of self-diagnostic information, providing indication of the status of these devices which is an essential part of a predictive maintenance strategy. However, it is the information they can provide about the assets they are controlling which is of real value. Early detection of asset ageing and wear is crucial.

Condition based monitoring solutions such as Mitsubishi Electric’s Smart Condition Monitoring solution provide diagnostic data and early fault detection of rotating machinery, ideal for large motors and drive trains of critical assets. The solution delivers accurate predictive data of asset condition, required maintenance intervals and ultimately asset life.

Diagnostic data needs to be gathered from each asset, analysis then carried out and the predictive maintenance overall picture can be built and visualised.

Mitsubishi Electric’s ICONICS GENESIS64 software suite provides the power to rationalise this data and produce predictive maintenance and plant performance information in the form of monitor screens, charts and reports, which can apply to the whole plant, individual production areas or individual assets.

Understanding production performance, having early detection of asset failure and achieving optimised availability and utilisation of plant assets will reduce operating costs and drive-up productivity.


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