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Want to extend the life of your plant assets?

Looking for targetted, real-time support throughout the entire lifespan of your assets?

Assets such as conveyors, crushers, pumps and fans need to be maintained as a sudden loss can be catastrophic. Regular maintenance of these assets is essential.

Traditionally, preventative maintenance regimes involve scheduled periodic shutdowns to carry out plant maintenance.

However, with predictive maintenance there is the digital, intelligent approach to maintenance as it uses analytics based on diagnostic data from each asset to predict when assets need maintenance or indeed are about to fail.

Whichever method you currently deploy on plant, you still need to carry out physical maintenance on your plant assets.

To help you improve asset utilisation and availability across your plant, using our understanding of your application challenges and collaborating with you, the team at Mitsubishi Electric can help you select the right maintenance regime for your plant.

Let’s explore how comprehensive maintenance and support programmes can help to drive reliability and competitiveness:


We understand the goal is always to extend the life of your assets as much as possible. Clearly regular maintenance of those assets is crucial in achieving that goal but there may be other obstacles in the way, including obsolescence and legacy migration of existing equipment.


Establishing a collaborative, long-term partnership with an industrial automation specialist such as Mitsubishi Electric, will help optimise the performance and operations through the entire service life of your plant assets can help overcome these challenges. 

This approach provides timely maintenance, repair and upgrade of your equipment as well as responsiveness when you need it the most – maximising your uptime and productivity.

Mitsubishi Electric, together with our network of authorised service agents are here to help you address these challenges, giving you the support you need every step of the way. In addition to providing state-of-the-art, vendor-agnostic maintenance and upgrade services, our comprehensive portfolio includes technical assistance in further key areas.

Added value services available from Mitsubishi Electric include:

  • Vendor agnostic service contracts, which can be tailored to suit the operation
  • Service contracts can operate during normal working hours or 24/7 
  • Obsolescence reports
  • Legacy upgrades on our own or other vendors equipment
  • Harmonic surveys
  • Cyber security audits
  • Training
  • Specialist support from the Drive Solutions Centre (DSC)

Drive Solutions Centre (DSC)

For specialist variable speed drive maintenance, support and solutions we have specialist, authorised service agents, offering their services from our Drive Solutions Centre.

The services of the DSC can be part of an overall service contract or operate independently to suit your requirement.

Legacy migration

Legacy migration of old generation equipment is a common problem to many production facilities. Mitsubishi Electric has a proven track record of easy migration of all our automation equipment and solutions when generations are upgraded and backwards compatibility is assured.

As part of our added value services offering, Mitsubishi Electric can offer legacy migration from other vendor’s equipment, in the form of hardware and software migration tools.


A full range of technical training courses covering all our automation products are available, held at authorised training centres or alternatively on site.

By relying on the extensive support from Mitsubishi Electric, you can maximise the lifespan of your plant assets and the capabilities of the solutions within your plant.

Round-the-clock support is there when you need, helping you avoid unplanned downtime. And, our team is on hand with training support to help your people improve their industrial automation skills, further enhancing productivity and performance.

Mitsubishi Electric offer added value services to meet your needs and deliver peace of mind.


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