Energy Saving & Monitoring

Are you looking to cut energy use and running costs at your quarry or aggregate processing plant? Or considering cost-effective ways to drive sustainability within your operations?

The aggregates and quarrying industry is an energy hungry process and Mitsubishi Electric’s energy saving solutions are designed to optimise power consumption and provide you with total visibility of your energy hot spots, allowing energy saving strategies to be deployed on plant, increasing your profitability whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

By equipping the motors that drive your bulk conveyors and pumps, amongst other equipment, with energy efficient variable speed drives (VSDs) and smart energy monitoring and analytical solutions, you can quickly optimise your plant’s energy use. Becoming a competitive business with green credentials is within reach!

Looking to dig deeper to find energy efficiencies?

Need to cut energy usage and running costs and find cost-effective ways to drive sustainability within your operations?

Wasted and inefficient use of energy has a significant impact on profitability and environmental performance. A structured approach to energy management helps you maximum uptime, achieve peak efficiency, and improve competitiveness.

Mitsubishi Electric has been supplying high quality products and solutions into the UK Aggregates Industry since 1982.
Energy saving in mines and quarries.

Smart Energy & Net Zero

Learn about Mitsubishi Electric's role in a sustainable energy future and key drivers towards Net Zero 2050.

Join us as we address issues such as the evolution of energy infrastructure and how that affects the electricity grid, manufacturing, transportation and buildings.

Smart Infrastructure Solutions

The acquisition of ICONICS Inc. by Mitsubishi Electric brings together two key players in the automation sector where the synergy between their portfolio allows for the creation of some very exciting solutions for applications such as situational awareness for utility companies, energy demand side management in both the commercial and manufacturing space and smart building management. David Bean from Mitsubishi Electric and Chris Bromley from ICONICS UK discuss several of these solutions and the strength of their combined offering.

Who knows about the new G5-5 harmonic legislation?

Join us as we look at the new standard, how it differs from G5-4 and how it affects new / existing installations.

Are you aware that G5-5 is a site standard and not a product standard? And as little as 30Kw of none linear load could make your entire site none compliant.

We will be covering the standard as well as what services and products we can offer to make your site compliant.

Smart Manufacturing for SMEs and Existing Plant

It is clear that the road to digital manufacturing offers so many productivity and efficiency benefits, so how can Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)or existing established manufacturing plants get established on this path?

Mitsubishi Electric will take an holistic view of the complete process, show how it is possible, with a clear vision of success, to implement this journey in smaller manageable steps, honing in on the needs and aspirations of the manufacturer and producing a staged approach which delivers return on investment along the way.

The road to digitalisation can start with small steps!

The 800 Series Variable Speed Drives

  • Power sizes 0.1kW to 1.5MW
  • Predictive maintenance functionality
  • Advanced energy saving features
  • Built in multi protocol comms
  • Built in PLC
  • IP55 versions up to 160kW

ICONICS Energy AnalytiX®

Energy AnalytiX® is an energy monitoring, analysis, and management system that delivers rich, real-time visualization, providing open universal data connectivity and data integration to a wide variety of BMS, SCADA, ERP, and control systems. Managers of any building or plant can utilize this revolutionary smart energy software solution that is intuitive to configure, customize, and operate. 


The core for next-generation automation environment.

To succeed in highly competitive markets, it's important to build automation systems that ensure high productivity and consistent product quality.MELSEC iQ-R is taking a three-point approach to solving these problems: Reducing TCO, increasing Reliability and Reuse of existing assets.


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