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Do you need a better understanding of the way your site uses energy and how it can be improved during production?

As a manufacturer, you will be familiar with energy-related challenges. In late 2022, Make UK reported that ‘out of control’ energy bills posed a serious threat to 60% of the businesses it polled. Figures like these restate the need for effective tools – especially those that can plot trends and identify useful interventions that conserve energy across the factory floor.

Mitsubishi Electric has extensive experience in this field. Our ICONICS Suite software platform has transformed operations for manufacturers, making it easier to optimise and execute energy strategies based on insights from real-time manufacturing data. This is then used to lower both cost and carbon in the manufacturing process.By working with us, your business can make smarter use of the energy it consumes, digitalise operations and lay the groundwork for more resilient and sustainable production.

Need to get started? 

  • Energy consultancy services
  • Site or building energy audits
  • Carbon audits
  • Self help tools

Looking to optimise your energy consumption?

  • Energy consumption forecasting
  • Use of predictive analytics
  • AI for energy optimisation

Want to better understand your asset energy consumption?

Scalable and modular solutions:

  • Manufacturing asset energy management
  • Building energy management
  • Energy dashboards
  • Energy distribution monitoring
  • Carbon intensity visualisation
  • Sankey diagrams for energy flow

Do you need deeper energy insights to drive down emissions at your site?

Effective energy management is directly connected to sustainable business. Optimised use of energy allows you to maintain outputs whilst also lowering emissions – both direct and indirect.
Research shows many businesses are confident in their ability to deliver a sustainability programme, yet the managerial and operational aspects to make the energy transition a success are not yet in place. This is a key issue for manufacturers and high energy users that face pressure to decarbonise production – especially as there is no defined roadmap for net zero. At Mitsubishi Electric, we are focussed on simplifying this process with solutions that not only optimise energy use but make it easier for you to integrate local clean energy resources, through microgrid and battery energy storage management.

Our Smart Energy and Net Zero webinar dives further into this subject, offering valuable insights to enhance your production business.

Net Zero Corporate Readiness Report

In 2021, ENGIE Impact surveyed 400 business leaders responsible for sustainability initiatives at their organisations, asking how confident they were about their own Net Zero initiatives. Their perspectives came from around the globe, across various industries, and collectively represent trillions in annual revenue and hundreds of thousands of employees and what was discovered, there is a gap between the aspirational targets and the reality on the ground. For many, a confident, ambitious vision is not translating into having the right tools, technologies or talent in place to get the job done.

Does your business seek smart energy management solutions to drive continuous improvement?

We understand you face many energy related challenges. With our range of software and hardware solutions we can help you manage your energy usage with real time data acquisition. These solutions are proven to make sites more competitive, efficient and sustainable, no matter where you are on your digital journey.

Mitsubishi Electric's work with auto manufacturer Stellantis offers a good case in point. With the support of our ICONICS Suite platform, we allowed the business to automatically detect energy losses and produce real-time actuation and suggestions for operators.

Our asset energy management offering can be broken down into these key components:

ICONICS Suite: Energy AnalytiX Genesis 64 – for visualising asset energy performance.

Energy AnalytiX – for providing key insights and contextualising asset energy data for site teams,

Mitsubishi Electric modular and compact PLCs used for energy data collection and aggregation from plant assets.

Mitsubishi Electric ME96 range of energy meters available for Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU.

MELSOFT Mailab – for introducing predictive analytics of individual assets or entire sites using powerful AI tools.

Energy management software

Energy management software delivers rich visualisation of real-time energy consumption by integrating data from BMS, ERP and other manufacturing control systems.This allows teams to monitor, analyse and optimise performance, be it an individual manufacturing asset, production line, entire facility or across multiple sites.

With ICONICS Suite, users can quickly identify efficiency issues in production processes. Spirax Sarco, for example, is now able to remotely monitor the health of its installed steam boilers, ensuring every asset is operating within optimum range.
In short, Mitsubishi Electric’s energy management software gives site managers, facility managers, operational staff and maintenance teams the opportunity to navigate energy-related data and discover opportunities for improvement.

Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level

Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level (SMKL) is Mitsubishi Electric’s model for the deployment of digitalisation solutions in manufacturing.
This model guides manufacturers through the successful integration of energy management solutions by:

  • Thinking BIG but starting small
  • Creating a clear return on investment
  • Providing a road map for future developments

Is a lack of clarity making it difficult for your manufacturing site to cut its energy costs?

The financial advantages for introducing a smart energy solution are clear. It’s not just about identifying isolated inefficiencies but having the ability to track a site’s performance over time. Continual improvement drives down long-term energy expenditure.

Smart energy management also gives businesses the opportunity to participate in initiatives like demand side response, which sees businesses paid for the short-term reduction in electricity consumption during peak periods.

Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya Works

SmartEnergy Management

Mitsubishi Electric has a proven track record lowering costs for manufacturers with smart energy management. Finnish manufacturer Ahlstrom-Munksjö, for example, was able to drive down energy bills across 45 sites with the support of ICONICS Suite. Our solution also allowed the business to verify the charges invoiced by its energy provider.

Digital Manufacturing At Work

Mitsubishi Electric Energy Saving Solutions

Priangle Energy ICONICS

Effective energy management with a leaner production environment starts with measurement.

Without an understanding of how much power is being used and when, it’s impossible to begin cutting consumption rates. Mitsubishi Electric offers a range of consultative services that support manufacturers on their journey to improve energy use.

We have a range of consultative services including site energy audits, which help you understand your current energy consumption and carbon audit across your supply chain.


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