Maintenance & Support

Do you need to upgrade, migrate or integrate key automation equipment within your processing facility but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for a responsive and proactive maintenance partner to improve the availability of your assets and operations?

Our experts at Mitsubishi Electric, together with our network of authorised service agents can help you address these challenges, giving you the support you need every step of the way.

With state-of-the-art, vendor-agnostic maintenance and upgrade services, our comprehensive portfolio also includes specialist variable speed drive (VSD) maintenance, support and solutions via our Drive Solutions Centre (DSC).

Our value-added offering encompasses extensive migration tools and engineering support coupled with round-the-clock availability and training courses to help your staff effectively interact with key automation systems.

Mitsubishi Electric offers contracted services to meet your needs and deliver peace of mind.

Want to extend the life of your plant assets?

Looking for targetted, real-time support throughout the entire lifespan of your assets?

Assets such as conveyors, crushers, pumps and fans need to be maintained as a sudden loss can be catastrophic. Regular maintenance of these assets is essential.

Traditionally, preventative maintenance regimes involve scheduled periodic shutdowns to carry out plant maintenance.

FAG SmartCheck for End Users and System Integrators

Introducing the Drive Solutions Centre

The Drive Solutions Centre is a regional centre of excellence which combines global industry leader Mitsubishi Electric and a network of Drive Solutions Centre partners who have been specifically chosen based on their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Join us to see how the Drive Solutions Centre can benefit your business through market leading technology and regional knowledge and speed of response. Weather you simply want to replace obsolete equipment or install the latest innovation, reduce your carbon footprint, increase production or look to reduce down time by adopting predictive maintenance strategies, our team of experts can deliver the solution you need.

Predictive Maintenance: The “low hanging fruit” of the industrial digitalisation process

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance have become key deliverables of the digitalisation process in industrial automation and control.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with the ability to collect large quantities of data from disparate and remote plant assets means that generation of analytics around predictive maintenance has become much easier to achieve.

Mitsubishi Electric will discuss the growth in capability of predictive maintenance solutions that deliver real value to the asset owner, drawing on their wealth of expertise and automation offerings in this area.

Drive Solutions Centre

If you need a full service offering which supports the entire lifecycle of larger capacity low and medium voltage variable speed drives, look no further than our Drive Solutions Centre partners. Each of the partners has the knowledge, experience and expertise you need to keep your production moving. To find out more click here.

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

The GOT sets global standards in design and technology. A wide variety of lineup meets the needs of production sites.

The GOT boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency.


Core to ICONICS’ scalable suite of solutions is its advanced visualization technology to run on any desktop or mobile device, high availability, centralized configuration, and ability to connect to a wide variety of industry standard communication protocols.

Transform your industrial control system with the most advanced SCADA software and visualization platform, providing the greatest performance, reliability, and flexibility for operators, engineers, and executives to manage their enterprise. Experience the power of situational awareness with unified, real-time, historical, and alarm information for any manufacturing, energy, industrial, or building automation application by using distributed Geo-SCADA 2D and 3D dashboards.


For further information on our energy saving, monitoring and control solutions please contact: 01707 288780.

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